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Black Mental Health Matters!

4.8 million Black Americans reported having a mental illness in 2021, yet less than 20% were able to access and obtain care according to a report by MHA (Mental Health America).

Negative stereotypes and attitudes of rejection have decreased but continue to occur with measurable, adverse consequences. Historical and contemporary instances of negative treatment have led to a mistrust of medical professionals, many of whom are not seen as having the best interest of people of color  in mind, proving that despite progress made over the years, racism continues to impact the mental health of the BIPOC community.

Everyone should have access to and the care they need, regardless of race, class, gender , and HCDP is committed to fighting for that access. Together we can make sure that Black-Americans can get the mental health support they need, without any stigma or prejudice. #BlackMentalHealthMatters

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