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2024 Candidates

Adrienne Akers
City Council At Large

Adrienne Akers The Radish Market & Cafe Common Council Candidate

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"I was born and raised in Kokomo, the daughter and granddaughter of a long line of hardworking regular folks trying to do better for themselves and their families, and I strive every day alongside my husband to lift up our kids a little higher too."


"I’m running because I’ve been serving our community for over a decade, first as a teacher at Elwood Haynes Elementary, then as a manager for the KDFM, an organization I built from a very small grassroots market to a successful, thriving community asset. Recently, I opened The Radish Market & Cafe, an award-winning small local grocery and restaurant with the goal of eliminating the food desert in downtown Kokomo by providing access to fresh food while lifting up local farmers and entrepreneurs with a new avenue to sell their goods." 

Why I'm Running

Akers said she looks forward to serving and representing the community by listening to Kokomo's residents and learning more about their needs. She vows to bring integrity, openness, and a willingness to roll up my sleeves and get to work. Akers says that regardless of public safety, quality of life issues, health, and welfare concerns or supporting businesses large and small, we will need to work together to make sure all of our citizens, no matter what part of town they live in, has opportunities to enjoy the great life Kokomo has to offer. 

Essie Foster
City Council At Large

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Essie Foster is a true inspiration for all of us. She has been a dedicated member of the Kokomo community for many years, and her commitment to making a positive impact has never wavered. Essie is a proud mother of nine children and has been blessed with many grandchildren who bring her life joy. She is happily married to ED Foster, and together they have faced the ups and downs of life with grace and resilience.


Essie is also a small business owner, and she understands the challenges entrepreneurs face in our community. As a former member of U.A.W. Local 292, she also understands the importance of workers' rights and fair labor practices. In addition to her work as a business owner, Essie is also involved in numerous community organizations and initiatives. She has held positions on boards and committees, including The Human Rights Commission, The Kokomo Housing Authority Board Commissioners, and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Commission. Essie indeed advocates for the people and has always been committed to positively impacting the community.

Why I'm Running

Recently, Essie announced her candidacy for the city council at large, and her decision has seen widespread support. She is a fresh, inclusive voice representing our city's values and has the experience and dedication needed to make a real difference. With Essie on the city council, we can be sure that our community will continue to thrive and grow.

Tashawnna M. Summers
Council 1st District 



Born in Youngstown, OH, and raised in Kokomo, Indiana, Tashawnna began the work on her life’s journey after graduating from Kokomo High School in 1997. In 2001 she moved to Fort Wayne, where she started College at Indiana Tech and attained her Associate's Degree. In 2009 she & and her three children moved to Indianapolis, where she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana Tech.


After starting her career in 2015 with the Marion County Health Department, she began her goal of completing her Master’s Degree. In 2019 during the final semester of her Graduate degree program, she violently lost her eldest son, Ezekiel. Still, through unwavering triumph, she continued with her goal of completing her Master’s degree and graduated in August 2020. She relocated back to Kokomo, Indiana, in the fall of 2019. Having her loss, she began fighting for Justice, and with that same spark, she also wanted to help others dealing with similar issues. That desire to help inspired her to start her Nonprofit organization, whose goal is to fight for others with the same eagerness and focus she has for her cause. Her most recent accomplishment in her advocacy is obtaining her newest position as a Victim Assistance Specialist at Howard County Courthouse in November 2021. It has been a pleasant force & and rainmaker in her department.

Why I'm Running

The ultimate way she can give back to her community is by making decisions that affect the citizens' daily lives. She wants to be in a position to bring about change and create a positive impact. The importance of her influence over the daily lives of the people she serves is a concise and tangible way to make a difference in Kokomo. Continuously being updated on citizens' concerns and ensuring that their interests and the city officials align is paramount. Her goal is simple: “Empowering Our City, Uniting for Progress & Prosperity with Passion!

Bob Stephenson
Council 2nd District 



I spent my formative years in a variety of neighborhoods.    Graduating from Kokomo High School was an excellent foundation for a lifetime of experiences. Following my career at General Motors, I transitioned to a fulfilling role as the Executive Director of the Literacy Coalition. In this capacity, I assisted individuals in achieving their educational goals. I met my wife, Tonya, when she worked for the Family Service Association. One of the things that attracted us to each other was that we both have a servant's heart. We have spent the last 20 years happily married, trying to do our part to improve Kokomo for everyone.  


Here are a few of the ways in which I've contributed:


  • I spent 20 years coaching baseball at Southside Youth Baseball.

  • Elected to District Committeeman with UAW Local #292.

  • Elected to the Center Township Board in 2006 with Janie Young, Georgia Ziegler and Donnie Haworth. I served as Board President for two years. 

  • From 2013-2020 I served as President of the Kokomo Community Development Corporation with Jennifer Jack, Joseph Link, and Krystal Ruble.

  • From 2016-2020 I was on the Kokomo Park Board.

  • I also was elected President of the Indiana Literacy Association and served on their board for several years.

  • Served on the PL221 Committee for Petit Park Elementary School.

  • Former small business owner


Being chosen as a Hometown Hero was a deeply humbling experience, and I hold the belief that Kokomo is home to numerous heroes.

Why I'm Running

My interest with cities and their functioning has been a lifelong fascination.

Over time, I've observed Kokomo undergo several cycles of growth and decline.

As Kokomo embarks on a phase of rapid development, I am convinced that we are presented with a unique opportunity to influence the trajectory of our childrens' and grandchildrens' lives; individuals who call this place home.

Mike Katcher
Council 3rd District 



Originally from Brooklyn, Katcher, and after graduating from Brooklyn Technical High School, Katcher moved to California, where he began his Engineering career and eventually became an activist. 


Michael Katcher, a retired Metallurgical Engineer who most recently worked for Haynes International locally, has officially announced his candidacy for Kokomo City Council in the 3rd District. Katcher is a long-time activist, starting during Nixon's Presidential term and Vietnam, and is a strong Democrat ready to make equitable changes for the people in the community of Kokomo.

Why I'm Running

"I am running for City Council because I believe that Kokomo deserves leaders committed to making real, lasting change for the better of the community members," Katcher said. "I have spent my career fighting for justice and equality, and I am ready to bring that same passion and commitment to the City Council. Together, we can build a brighter future for all residents of Kokomo."


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