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Happy Mother’s Day from HCDP

Moms Do It All, Don’t They? From Waking Up Early And Preparing Breakfast, Packing Lunches, And Getting Everyone Ready To Tackling The Corporate World HerSelf. Moms Work Tirelessly Throughout The Day At Jobs And Career Paths With Far Less Pay And Respect Than Their Counterparts, And In The Evenings, They Help With Homework, Prepare Dinner, And Spend Time With Their Family.

Despite All Their Selfless Efforts, Moms All Too Often Don't Receive The Recognition They Truly Deserve. Moms Do What They Do Out Of Love, And Without Expecting AnyThing In Return. So Today, And All Days Let Us Be Truly Grateful, Thankful And Show It Daily.

Happy Mother’s Day From All Of Us Here At Howard County Democratic Party. You Truly Are What Makes The World Go ‘Round!

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